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Deborah 2019

Deborah Taylor

Deborah Taylor is the Operations Manager of Everest Educational Services Inc. effective September 14, 2015 to June 30, 2021.  She currently works as a consultant for Everest Educational Services. She worked at MacEwan University from 1990 to Sept 11, 2015, in a variety of office, management and recruitment positions.

Prior to this, Deborah enjoyed a 10-year career in the banking industry.

In addition to her work experience, Deborah has held the position of President of the MacEwan Staff Association and has been actively engaged in many conferences and both as an attendee and a presenter.  Deborah has also completed the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) Assessment 101 Introduction to International Credential Assessment course in collaboration with CHERD. Since 2004, Deborah was the Manager of International Admissions and Enrolment and has traveled to Turkey, Korea, Hong Kong, China and India. She was the main recruiter to India for MacEwan University from 2010 to 2015.  She has learned about the various cultures and how to interact with international business partners.  In addition, she has welcomed hundreds of international learners to MacEwan and assisted them with their transition to studying and living in Canada.


Shelly Ann Hladun

Shelly Hladun is an Administrative Assistant for Everest Educational Services.

She worked at MacEwan University from 1979 to December 2021 in a variety of office, middle management and international transcript evaluator positions. 

Shelly has provided other post-secondary institutions with international educational resources and general information for evaluating international educational records.

In addition to her work experience, Shelly has been actively engaged in many conferences to obtain updated information on educational systems from around the world, including a 2007 Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) in depth training session on 10 countries, and then went on to attend numerous training sessions IQAS, WES, ECE and TAICEP.


Chen Hua Wu

Jimmy Wu has been an Academic Advisor and sessional instructor at MacEwan University since December 2010. He also has been serving as the Vice President of the Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) – Edmonton Chapter since 2018.

Jimmy has been actively engaged with local international student groups, in collaboration with the BLIA, participating in charity and environmental initiatives. Before moving to Edmonton, Jimmy has also lived and worked in Europe, the US, and multiple countries in East Asia.


Rajan Ahluwalia

Rajan Ahluwalia grew up with nature. His first love was Nature. He used to visit farms in his neighbourhood and talk to the farmers, about their farming. In adult life he would like to go to the forests and observed the intricacies of Nature. He learnt how nature recycled everything. His study of Botany and Chemistry explained to him, the way Nature cared for mankind.
Thus, after his schooling, he ventured into the World of Recycling and Renewable Energy.
He migrated to Canada in 2006 and started with his innovative project of making writing paper from used cotton rags and wastepaper. With this technology he said, the World does not need to cut a single tree to make paper.
He has always been passionate about Nature. He would advocate and dedicated his life in preserving nature.
Now after Covid, when lots of businesses were affected and Nature preservation took a deep step back, he ventured in to preserving nature as his ultimate goal.
He with other Directors formed NWST CHARITABLE FOUNDATION.

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